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We're the most real and legitimate krew on

the Pokemon competitive scene.  To be

counted as a member of [MLG] is to be a part of a

hardcore family that has been

rocking the ladders since the very beginning...

For information on joining, contact any member of

[MLG] on the Pokemon Online server to get

pointed in the right direction.

Clan [MLG] official forums


Leading THE FLEET since 2004, the ÜBERBATTLER is a legend parents teach their children to keep them from ever playing Pokemon badly.  ÜBERBATTLER rules the scene and don't you ever forget that.  His team has even been scientifically proven to be the best possible combination of moves and pokemon that exists in the OU metagame.  With skills like his, UB has never once lost a match.


You just beat Lance, the last of the Elite Four, using up all of your healing items. In the middle of jamming the A-button, he says you WOULD be the champion... but someone else beat you to it.  It's MLG's second in command GARY OAK, scrub.

The first ever member recruited by Uberbattler in his crusade against newbs, the Admiral is BACK.  Don't let his class and style fool you; he's every bit in the major leagues as the other members.  He's fucking crazy good at pokemon and will mess your whole world up.


Thunder is our official recruitment agent and wrecking ball str8 from hell... that's right.  No wall is safe when this incredible battler is around.

Burzum visited hell once, and when he got there all he saw were clan [RL] scrubs and some Nazis.  English.  Black Metal and moped aficionado.  Clan MLG's official CFO$$$.  His team is as mysterious as it is deadly.  Fuck right off and kill yourself, it would be better than dealing with this BRITISH HELLSPAWN.

MLG's official Trailer Park Supervisor.  You are the liquor, Mr Lahey.  You've always been the liquor.


Look within. Look deeper. Yeah, right there.  See that little dude in flip-flops giving you a chest bump? That's your inner bro. You must come to love him. Because this, if you haven't noticed, is the Brolden Age of Bro, bro!

Hector has all the safeguards in place to make sure that lucky scrubs will never claim victory, feeding on your underestimations and spitting KOs in return fire

Here's a battler blessed with the greatest name ever conceived.  MLG is always ready to throw down a face, and most usually he's feeling how you imagine 8-).  C:

He doesn't just climb the ladder, he jumps up it skipping the rungs reserved for noobs who loose battles.

So, you just beat Red on top of Mt. Silver. You think you're hot shit now? THINK AGAIN BITCH. MOTHERFUCKIN' GIGA NIGGA OUT OF MOTHERFUCKIN' NOWHERE CRUSHES

THE MOUNTAIN AND FUCKS YOUR BITCHES. This fellow goes by Giga "Mokkus" Nigga.


SEPHIROTH: He's a total homo with a small fucking dick and has no respect for anyone but a girl in RL that he wants to date over the internet.  What a fag.  Keep copy-and-pasting this when you need proof that we hate Sephiroth, RL nerds.  Cool as fuck.

DREADBARON: Talkin shit about the CL, nuff said.  This nerd was garbage at pokemon anyway.  Loser.
FF_FAN: Nerd.
SHUANTHEMON: This little pussy logged on once and never came back again.  Dumb.

ARCEA: It is not creepy at all that this person pretended to be a well known Korean model when they don't even know the difference between a Korean and a Chinese person.  Not asian.


You scrubs think you're hot shit?  Keep pretending we don't rape you regularly as this list grows and grows and grows...

[IMP] Transaction v [MLG] Gary Oak

[IMP] Tim v [MLG] Gary Oak

[RL] Vacillate v [MLG] Gary Oak

[RL] Lul v [MLG] Gary Oak

[Imperial] Ecchis v [MLG] Thunder
[RL] Rash v [MLG] MightyPi

[RL] Lugnut v [MLG] Chainy

[BOSS] Epic Maelstrom v [MLG] Thunder

[InF] Dell 8 v [MLG] Chainy

[InF] SirJeff v [MLG] Chainy

[RL] Satan Claws v [MLG] HectorP

[BOSS] FiReFeNiX77 v [MLG] Gary Oak

[NS] Mil v [MLG] Ruley

[TMA] ToxicWafle v [MLG] Misty

[VP] Stacie v [MLG] Misty

[InF] Dell 8 v [MLG] Chainy

[InF] SirJeff v [MLG] Chainy

[DR] Yoshi Koga v [MLG] Chainy

[RL] Lugnut v [MLG] Thunder

katherine- v [MLG] Gary Oak
[P4L] Arieon v [MLG] Thunder

[WWE] Kofi Kingston v [MLG] Thunder

[WWE] PokemonMaster v [MLG] Thunder

[Ragnarok] Steele X v [MLG] Thunder

[WWE] Kofi Kingston v [MLG] Thunder

[FC] yp01 v [MLG] Thunder

[Ger] PkmnTimxD v [MLG] Thunder

[PK] CrystalNinetales v [MLG] Thunder

[ICED] LegendMaker XD v [MLG] Thunder

[TopViper] Urs v [MLG] Thunder

[MECA] CaballeroPanda v [MLG] Chainy

[IMP] Sophiie v [MLG] Gary Oak

[IMP] Rossoneri v [MLG] Gary Oak

[IMP] Zaphoes v [MLG] Gary Oak

[IMP] Rossoneri v [MLG] Gary Oak

[Imperial] Noob v [MLG] Gary Oak be continued.